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Wash Away Worry…

I read this in a magazine awhile back, and I'm sharing it with you because I think it's a cool way to try to relieve stress…  Try It:

1. Get comfortable in a quiet place.  Or wherever you are at the moment.  Close your eyes and take a few full breaths.

2.  Think of a beautiful, peaceful beach on a warm, clear day.

3.  Place yourself in this setting.  Imagine standing where the sand meets the water.  Use all your senses:  Smell the salt, hear the waves.  Feel the sand under your toes, sun warming your face, gentle sea breeze in your hair.

4.  Now, think of your biggest stressor.  Boil it down to a single word — for example, "bills" or "job."

5.  Write in the wet sand.  And now watch the lapping waves gently erase it, smoothing over the sand.  See and feel the word — and the worry — disappear.

Wash Away Worry.

~NY Muse

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