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Was that Matt Lauer?

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Driving down Dune Road in the Hamptons yesterday evening, a cyclist passed me who looked just like Matt Lauer.  Was it him?  I immediately thought of that story about Matt striking a deer while cycling in the Hamptons a few months ago.  What a funny story that was to hear someone on a bike actually hit a deer!

Anyway, Dune Road is actually a bit far from his home in Sag Harbor.  But because he wasn't on the Today Show this morning, I'm thinking maybe he is out in the Hamptons this week.  And if it was him, there's just no way he could bike that whole way from Sag Harbor to Dune Road.  So he had to be visiting a friend in the area is what I've decided.  So many beautiful homes on Dune Road….so many rich folk & friends he must have here….but who was he visiting?  Hmmm….


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