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R is for RINSE please!


I haven't been on the subway since last Friday.  Life is good!  Who actually looks forward to waiting on those platforms as they get stickier, smellier, and even more disgusting than usual in the summer months?  So I'm enjoying this mini-subway hiatus (which will end, unfortunately, all too soon, this evening!)  But alas, even while on hiatus, the subway is never too far from my thoughts!

Especially when I heard that the Subway Schmutz Report came out last week.  Who even knew that there was such a report?  Well, according to their findings, the R Train is the filthiest line.  Hmm…they all seem about equally dirty to me.  I can't say I've really noticed the R being any better or worst than the rest.  And the 7 train was rated one of the Cleanest Trains.  Interesting.  

I actually think that if I had to choose, I'd say the E train is the filthiest (with the exception of some of the newer E trains that've just recently been added.)  And maybe the 6 train seems to be the cleanest.  Your thoughts?

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