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NYMuse says: Celebrate Life EveryDay!


Add champagne to anything and suddenly, it's a celebration!  It's really a simple thing you can do to make a splash at any gathering.  And why not…one life to live…no need to wait until there's an occasion.  Every day should be special & a celebration!  So bust out that bottle of bubbly you've been saving in the fridge…go ahead, you deserve it!

And since the champagne itself is so fancy & fab, there's no need to make a fuss on what to serve with it…especially if it's a spur of the moment/last minute thing.  Just make a simple plate of munchies to go with it – some cheese, crackers, cold cuts, carrot/celery sticks, dip, fruit…whatever's in your fridge will do.  Put it on a pretty platter, and voila!  Let's celebrate!



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