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Put It In The God Box…

Worry Is Useless

















There are times when we all need a God Box – a place where we put all our worry & concern for safe keeping, for God to take care of while we try to go on with our daily lives.

This is a practice in which we can bring our concerns to a Higher Power – God, the Universe, or whatever each of us may believe.  What's important is not who we hand it over to, but that we use this exercise to release & let go of some of the stress & worry that consumes us on a daily basis.  Below are the details of how to create your very own God Box.  You may find it useful.  Try it out!

A God Box is any container – a shoe box, a glass jar, wooden container, metal can, or a paper bag – anything you can decorate and put slips of paper in & take them out.  Make a list of those things that you are worried or anxious about today – your relationship to a particular person, your money, your health, your livelihood, etc. 

Take a piece of paper and cut it or rip it into smaller pieces.  Write down each concern you have on its own slip of paper.  One at a time, place each concern into your God Box while saying a prayer, surrendering that concern to God. 

Your prayer might sound something like this:  "Dear God, I am giving this concern to You for Your keeping.  Please resolve this issue in the best possible way for all involved."  

Once you’ve given your concern to God, you no longer have to worry about it.  Now it’s God’s concern.  If you decide that you want to start worrying about that concern again, you literally have to go to the God Box, take out the slip of paper with that particular worry on it, and hold it in your own hands.  When you are finished worrying, surrender your concern again to God by placing the slip of paper back into the God Box and repeating the prayer.

~NY Muse

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