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NYMuse’s Random Guide to Life


Positive.  Practical.  Quick.  Easy.  Real.  Stuff for EveryDay Life.

~Inspired by Mama Bean




Inspiration can have an infinite variety of sources.  You could be inspired by music, a sunset, or even a brisk walk in the park.  Often times, I’ve been inspired by Mom.  She’s always got good tips, ideas, and advice to share.  So, I’ve listed some of my favorites below. 

You’ll notice that it’s quite a random list of thoughts.  And how perfect really: A list that's just as random as life itself, helping me navigate my EveryDay. 


  • Hand wash all your nice blouses to keep them from fading too fast
  • Use press-n-seal instead of aluminum foil
  • Always charge your cell phone before the battery is completely dead
  • Be prepared:  Always have Advil in your purse
  • Clean up around you as you go while cooking
  • Know that you’re worth it, and you deserve the best
  • Grilled chicken and salad is the most perfect meal: quick, easy, simple, healthy, and dietetic
  • Don’t skimp on fresh ingredients – Ever!
  • Whether a party of 1 or 100, always host & serve with class & style
  • Details Matter:  In your appearance, home, manners, etc.  So always pay attention to them and make your best effort
  • Stay healthy!  Exercise and eat right
  • Pay in full – Always!
  • Tell it like it is
  • Don’t let people take advantage of you
  • Have an evening routine that prepares you for the next day – it eliminates stress, hurry, and worry!
  • Use common sense in all you do everyday
  • Good health is paramount – Stay on top of it!
  • Leave yourself voicemail reminders so you don’t forget stuff
  • Be thankful.  You’re better off than most.
  • Remember where you came from, the lessons you learned, the person you became, and focus on where you’re going.
  • Respect people’s time:  Be on time!
  • Your reputation is everything.  Play Nice! J

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