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Life Lessons: Things to Remember EveryDay!

While traveling in Greece one summer, The Muse was Inspired!  Granted, I'm inspired EVERY time I go to Greece, because it's just such a magical place!  But that one summer in particular, I realized that it was also the connections I was making with people that brought me to life.  I was suddenly very much ALIVE and excited about life.  And it was all because the people around me were open & authentic, full of energy, joy, and a true passion for life!  It inspired me to write a list that has since been my daily reminder to keep that ALIVE feeling going strong!
1) Don't have too many expectations, they often lead to dissapointment – just have fun! 
2) Don’t ask too many questions; be ok with some unknowns
3) You’re not alone!  People are all around you.  Just let them in!
4) Enjoy every moment – LIVE LIFE!
5) Spend time with people who share the same energy and enthusiasm for life as you
Number 5 was the most important thing on my list.  I left it for last, because I wanted to savor that every time I read it.  There's nothing like it in the world!  It's my favorite thing, and my favorite reminder of how fun life can be when you're sharing great connections with people.  So many lessons can came from that one line for me: 
  • Choose wisely who you spend your time with. 
  • Weed out those who make you feel anything but excited about life. 
  • People and community really do matter and make a world of difference in your day-to-day.
  • Sharing even the most regular moments with great people creates the best memories.
  • Stay open to finding those new connections – and more of them will find their way to you.


So, what does your list look like?  What makes you feel alive?  What things do you need to remind yourself of everyday?  Oh, and btw, you don't have to take a memorable trip to Greece to be inspired to think about life….that part is optional.  Though highly recommended! 🙂 

TOP TIP:  NYMuse invites you to write your own simple TOP 5 list that is your daily reminder of what's important for your life.  Everyone's list will be different.  And you may have different lists at different times in your life.  So it's ok to keep revising it & making new lists when you feel the need. 

Take 5 minutes right now!  Write it down & keep it in your wallet, tape on your bathroom mirror, or post it on your blog!  And just read it everyday. 


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