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Just Give Up Trying!



I read something over the weekend about how important it is to eliminate the word "try" from your vocabulary.  Basically, the point was that "try" is filled with so much inaction.  And if you could just replace it with an action word, then you can actually get somewhere!  So I've decided that my goal this week will be to "try" to do that.  Of course, I'm not even past the third sentence, and already I've failed at "trying" not to use the word "try."

So let's start again.  This week I will stop using the word "try".  Instead of telling a friend I'll "try" to meet her for lunch, I'll tell her that I "will" or I "won't."  Instead of telling myself I'll "try" to get around to doing my laundry by Friday, I'll either just do that or don't

I invite you to "try" this out too!  Scratch that.  I invite you to do it too. 

GOOD IDEA:  Just Give Up Trying!  Make it your goal this week to remember the wise words of Yoda who truly said it best:  "Do or Do Not.  There Is No Try." 

…..and May the Force Be With You!

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