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How to Resist Arrest…

It's been a year since the Julia Cameron workshop I took that prompted my daily journaling to start again.  And I've kept up with it, journaling EveryDay, with the exception of the occasional lapse here & there.  But that little voice in my head is really on to me lately, and it's trying to throw me off course.  I know because I'm on to it too.  

I notice when I'm meeting the page with resistance.  I hear the voice remark "Wow, she really is keeping up with this daily journaling,isn't she?"  I notice how it squirms in its seat, knowing its just not the one in control anymore.  I continue to meet resistance EveryDay in some way.  But I know I have to keep up the fight.

The truth is that the voice that wants to tear you down never does give up.  Ever.  Even when a long time has passed, and even when time has proved otherwise.  It's a reminder that no matter how strong, consistent, and deliberate we've gotten on our path, and no matter how sustained our effort has been, it can all be pulled apart if we stop paying attention.  

Without attention or care, weeds will pop through our garden and threaten to take over.  We always have to be there to maintain what we've built, what we're working on, what we've tended to already with great care.  Like a little child, we can never quite leave it alone and trust it to its own devices.  

Sit back and relax, little voice.  I'll take it from here.  

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