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How To Hail A T…


If you live in NYC, there's no doubt that you are very familiar with one of the city's most recognizable icons: the NYC Taxi.   With its distinctly yellow color weaving in & out of busy NY streets, they really are pretty hard to miss.    Of course, over the years there've been many different versions of the taxi:  the checkered cab, the Caprice, the Crown Victoria, the minivans, the hybrids…and soon there will be the "taxi of tomorrow" coming soon from Nissan.

Bottom line is, whatever version of vehicle that's used, you don't need anyone to tell you that it's a Taxi.  So, the powers that be have now decided that you literally don't need anyone to tell you, and you'll soon see a new Taxi logo which will just have a yellow letter "T" in a big black circle.

It's simple.  Uncluttered.  Understood.  What do you think of this new design?  

~NY Muse

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