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Has Anyone Seen the (G)HOST Train???


Service changes at night on the G Train they say?  Has anyone even seen the G train during the day?  This is the most undercover train in existence!  (If it really does exist!)  Last spotted:  I think it was about 1997…I'm convinced it really is a Ghost Train! 

So many things about it are so mysterious!  To start with, it's so much shorter than all the other trains, with about 2-3 less cars.  I don't understand why it just can't be like all the other trains?  Perhaps the G has gone into hiding, because it feels a bit 'inadequate' compared to all the other longer trains (wink, wink.)

And another thing, no one knows where it actually goes.  It claims to start its route in Queens and end in Brooklyn.  But it's nowhere to be found!  I doubt if anyone in NY has ever actually seen the G train.  This game of hide-n-go-seek doesn't seem very practical for passengers expecting the train to show up!  At least the other trains do tend to make a daily appearance.  The G just wants to play (G)ames.  So what's the point in keeping it around?  Why won't the MTA just do away with the Ghost train?

Anyway, I (G)uess I may never really know all there is to know about this (G)uileful train.  But at least I (G)ot it all out.  Thanks for listening. 

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