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Going to Great Lengths for Little Girls


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Locks of Love is a great organization that provides wigs/hairpieces for disadvantaged children who are suffering from different types of long-term hair loss.  You can read all about it on their site

In 2006, I grew out my already-very-long hair, and I donated the required 10 inches of hair.  It was truly one of the most selfless acts of kindness I think I've ever done for anyone.  And it's almost impossible to describe what a great feeling it was.  In fact, it didn't even matter that I had no idea who the recipient was.  It was just nice to know that a child somewhere was smiling, feeling more pretty and confident because I shared something of mine with her.  

If you're looking for a Good Deed to do, I definitely recommend this one.  After doing it myself, I inspired 2 girls at my previous job to do it too. 

GOOD DEED: Show some love and go to great lengths for someone you don't even know!


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