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Daily Practice…

When I first started the NYMuse blog in 2009, I had no idea how long I could keep it going.  One of the scariest things was the thought that I'd start something, and never be able to keep it going.  After all, how many projects do we get excited about that somehow always lose steam quickly & never really go anywhere?

The little voice in my head was ever-present suggesting that it would be an impossible task to create a blog.  Even more, the voice insisted that this would be a goal that required work.  Hard work.  And work is a chore that I'd be too lazy to keep up with, too inconsistent to focus on, and too difficult to commit to long-term.

If I continued to listen to that little voice, then the voice would definitely win.  It always wins when we let it run wild in our heads & when we assume it is us…it is more powerful than us.  But it's not.  

Today's Observation: You can get into good habits pretty easily if you decide to take charge.   You can follow a dream or a vision if you remember that you are more powerful than that little voice that always wants to drag you down & keep you here doing nothing.  You can make 'work' work for you.  Practice Daily to have a Daily Practice that gets you where you're going.


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