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  • National Drink Wine Day!

    Enjoy a glass of wine after work today, it's National Drink Wine Day!

  • On Technology Overload…

    The average smartphone user checks her or his device every six and a half minutes, which works out t

  • Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer…

    DOG DAYS — The hot, sticky, sultry days of summer!  A period of about 40 days that begin

  • Threat or Reward…

    Did You Know:  5 times every second your brain is making this decision – is it a Threat

  • Do You YOGA?

    According to a study released by Yoga Journal last month, the number of Americans practicing yoga ju

  • A Glass of Wine…

    Americans consumed 784 million gallons of wine in 2010 (2.5 gallons per resident), up from 267