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    Category for: GOOD IDEAS

  • How to Unsend Emails in Gmail…

      How many times have you instantly regretted hitting send on an email???  Fear no

  • How to Set Up Your Emergency Medical ID…

    Have you ever noticed the Health app on your iPhone?  It gives you a dashboard of all yo

  • Good Idea: Find a Lost iPhone’s Owner!

    If you found someone's iPhone, would you know what to do to get it back to its rightful owner? &

  • How to Feed Your Soul…

    Hungry?  You eat & nourish your body.  But what about your soul?  It needs to

  • In Case of Emergency Folder…

    There may be times when you find yourself stuck in bad company or simply stuck in a bad mood.  

  • Journals & Dreams…

    While on Facebook hiatus, I'm finding more time to spend on other sites.  For instance, ye