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    Category for: DEEP THOUGHTS

  • How You Can Do It…

    Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What Am I Meant to Do? And Can I Do It? EveryDay of the year, day in and da

  • 40 Reasons I’m Happy at 40…

    1.  I can now actually say: 40 is the new 20!  And even if it’s not, it certainly feel

  • How Time Will Tell…

    Last day in May.  A week already since Memorial Day Weekend.  Six months into the new ye

  • Ask & Receive…

    We always want, want, want stuff. And if we want it, we should have it, right? Sure. But maybe we ne

  • It’s Right to Write…

    Julia Cameron & Me at the NY Open Center It's definitely right to write.  I've nev

  • Day Dreaming…

    Sometimes when I'm too busy to think about anything but what's right in front of me, I find