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  • How Will You Find Time in 2014?

    Each year we have 8,765 hours, and 525,949 minutes to make the most of our time. Surely, you can fin

  • Snap Judgements…

    People can make snap judgements about a person's trustworthiness, competence, aggressiveness and

  • Obsession…

    It's hard to focus when we become obsessed with something.  Actually, it's hard to foc

  • Accepting Praise…

    Why is it so easy for many of us to believe criticism, but so hard to accept praise? ~NY Muse

  • On Technology Overload…

    The average smartphone user checks her or his device every six and a half minutes, which works out t

  • What You Didn’t Do This Summer…

    Did you have a bunch of things you'd planned to do over the summer months that you never got to?