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Whenever I go out for happy hour, I'm always hungry.  I haven't eaten anything since lunch, and dinner may not happen for another few hours.  But I could quickly forget about my hunger if I had something to munch on like some nuts or chips.  The problem is that most bars in NY don't ever give out any munchies.  I've never really understood that.  It's such a simple & inexpensive thing to offer.  Plus, salty snacks = thirsty people who will order more drinks!  And isn't that what the bar really wants from us?  To order more drink$$$

Anyway, I did a random survey of a few people at a happy hour last night, offering my very own GOOD IDEA: Bar-Snack-Packs filled with a choice of either almonds or pistachios.  (To be honest, it was part NYMuse promotion, part experiment on my snack theory.)  I'd say that 9 out of 10 people I gave them to fully agreed that it was a nice treat to have while drinking at a bar.  Actually, about 3 of those people couldn't resist opening them up and munching at that very moment.  One woman kept trying to put them away in her purse, only to pull them out again & again to munch on "just a few more." 

The only downside was for those people who got the pistachio packs:  nowhere to throw away the shells.  This posed a bit of a problem, though it didn't stop Rod from Toronto from emptying his snack pack rather quickly.  In fact, it even INSPIRED him to share what became my "quote of the day" today. 

GOOD IDEA:  Take a Bar-Snack-Pack with you to your next happy hour.  Share with friends.  Notice how everyone laughs about it at first, but then can't stop munching with you.  Also, remember that it's just not good to drink on an empty stomach!

One Response to “Bar-Snack-Pack”

  1. Marie says:

    I am compelled to answer you question. That although it may seem like a great idea for happy hour places to offer some salty treats at the bar, it becomes a pretty disgusting thought. Let me explain. Remember the countless surveys of how many people do not wash their hands and stick their hands into the tempting bowl of tasty snacks…how about the person that just sneezed and did not purell or wash their hands. Yup, in goes his hand to get a snack. To note, the bowl are sometimes their for a while before happy hour begins and there may be some uninvited protein ie. bugs, (let’s leave it at that) awaiting you next mouthful. You can see where I am going with this. So, yes in theory it does make sense, but when you add in other factors…It does not. I support the snack pack….

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