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Are You a Belieber?


This may sound ridiculous, but it's true.  I'm now a Belieber.  It happened literally overnight, just last night.  For those that don't understand & think I've simply made a spelling error, I will clarify with the definition of a "Belieber" – a person who is in love and is inspired by Justin Bieber.

How could this happen?  I was sucked into the NBC special "Justin Bieber:  All Around the World" and found myself strangely believing…believing he was really adorable, believing his songs were pretty good, believing he was a sweet kid who could make it so far & still be just a good kid.

As odd as it seems for someone who is twice his age & has never been quite impressed or understood all the madness that surrounds him, I now believe that there might be something here to believe in.  We can all believe in the promise of youth.  We can all believe in the excitement of chasing a dream or the one we love.  And most importantly, we can all believe in the message of his album that tells us to BELIEVE.

I believe Justin may be on to something.  "All around the world people want to be loved."  (They do.)  And "everything starts from something…But something would be nothing…Nothing if your heart didn't dream with me…Where would I be, if you didn't believe…Believe…"  (We'd be nowhere if no one ever believed in us.)

It's really ok to BELIEVE.  I do. 

~NY Muse



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